Landlords & Property Managers

Picture This...

You get a call from a tenant telling you that they unexpectedly have to move out and break their lease.

You, rightfully so, are upset, but understand that things happen in people’s lives and you agree on a move out date. You show up that day ready to do a move out inspection when you open the door to find a home still partially furnished and trash EVERY WHERE. Your tenant was in such a rush that they rummaged through all their belongings, took the essentials, and left the rest for YOU to get rid of.


What Am I going to Do?

At first, you don’t know what to do. You panic. How are you going to get all this cleaned up yourself? You are busy with other properties or a full time job. How long will it take me to clean this up? Days? Weeks?

No Need To Worry!

The Junk Tank Is Here To Help!

Fast and Cost Efficient

It typically takes us no more than half a day to a full day to clear a house after a tenant left it a mess. We offer extremely competitive rates and FREE quotes!

Call us today to relieve yourself of stress!!!!



Junk Tank