Estate Cleanouts

Often times, when someone inherits an estate after a loved one passes, they are left with a huge burden of clearing out their belongings.

The Junk Tank is always here to help make that arduous task a lot easier.


Sort through belongings. No need to organize or bag the trash. We will do that for you!


Unlock the door, tell us what goes…and then sit back and reminisce about the good times with your late family member or loved one.

We will clean and sweep up any small debris so the home is ready for a deep clean and it can be listed for sale.

Need help finding a good cleaning company, real estate agent, handyman, etc? We can help! We have established many connections over the years…..from carpet installers, investors looking to buy your home, or real estate agents ready to list it.

Call The Junk Tank today to help take some weight off your shoulders.

Junk Tank